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R97725 A.C. Humphrey, J.F.,
404 Squad. R.C.A.F.,
R.C.A.F. Overseas.

Dear Mom & Pop:

I wrote to Dot last night so I thought should write to you to-night while I have the chance I'll have to write to Beck & Stew next.

I got your letter and special air mail letter the other day it came thirteen days sooner than the other, from what you say Sherry is certainly doing well at school something like myself, I hope she keeps up the good work right on through school, I'll bet Beck & Stew are really proud of her & believe me they have a good right to be.

So they had my picture propt up at the fair- what were they doing; throwing base balls at it, if you see Josh Mc.Cready around tell him I'm doing fine & I hope he's doing the same, he evidently hasn't forgotten us.

Kerr had to go on a conversion course and I just got a letter from him to-day saying he was just getting over pneumonia thats his second attack- tough as nails this Kerr guy. I also got a letter from Gord and he seems quite happy over here it would be nice if Bill Smith could get over to and we could have a reunion if he I ever stop getting my leave postponed.

In your letter you mentioned the parcel problem, well here's som "do's" & "don'ts".

Don't send heavy socks the Canadian Comforts look after that

Don't send soup we get all we want.

Send handkys, ties, light socks, underwear (summer only) black leather gloves (dress) suspenders and the odd wash cloth comes in handy and in the Lo[?] line the jam you sent last time was terrific we sure enjoyed it, chocolate, cookies, candy, gum, nuts (I got Isabelles they were swell, fruit & fruit juices & canned mushroom soup.

face cream comes in handy too. (That ought to keep you going for awhile.)

It would do your heart good mom if you could see us in the hut a night, Cpl. Bell playing his Uke & the boys joining in on all the old favorites, cracking joke, we really have some good laughs, I'll sure remember these days when it's all over

Well I'll close now as I want to answer Gords letter so I hope you are as well and safe as I am and give my love to the rest of the family & friends.

Your loving son

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