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Date: November 5th 1944

Nov 5 /44

Dear Mom:

I've been a little busy lately but I've just been given the afternoon off so I took the opportunity to write as many letters as possible.

When I was crewed up this time I was more or less forced on the crew, they didn't know me because they were a course behind us and, they only needed three fellows on my old crew so the rest of us got leave and started on this course, the pilot had already picked his WAG and was a little disappointed at not being able to keep him, it was a little awkward for me at first because the rest of the crew were all picked by himself and I sort of felt like an intruder although they certainly made me welcome, however after my first trip with him he thought I was alright and told me he hoped the rest of the crew turned out as well, the other evening I went into our locker room and I heard Herb (the shipper) talking to [?] pilot, they were discussing there crews and he heard Herb say that he had picked all his crew but the WAG and he said it sure was a lucky break, he told this guy that I was the best darn WAG on the course, he said to me later on (he didn't know I was listening) Hump I didn't know how you were going to turn out at first and I wondered just what kind of a WAG you'd turn out to be but, I'm really proud of you, and I'm glad you in my crew- myself I know I'm not the best WAG on the course but I am keen and that's what counts, it makes a guy feel a lot better when he know the crew has confidence in him.

Whenever Herb get a day off he gets one for the whole crew and we go everywhere together, he's taking us all into town this week and were going to get a picture of the whole crew together so I'll send one as soon as they are ready.

It's supper time now mom so I'll close and write again this week, keep your letters coming and for gosh sakes! sell the house and furniture so you can get a small modern one with new furniture and a fireplace.

Love Jack.

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Original Scans