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Date: October 21st 1943

R97725 Lac Humphrey
#2 Clueless School,
Calgary Alta.
Oct 21/43.

Dear Mom & Pop:

This is about the third time I've started to write, you see we have had our fourth week exam and we were really kept busy and then we had these victory bond parades during the day & had to make our studies up at night- however my exam results were favorable this time my average was 80%, weve taken radio theory, battery & wiring morse & morse procedure which is the toughest. In radio theory I got 89% this was my highest mark my lowest was seventy two. The morse itself isn't giving me any trouble and O get through my morse tests with no errors or maybe 1 or two at the most you are allowed 5- however I'm afraid it'll give me trouble at the higher speeds I'm doing about 14 words a minute at present but we are tested at 9 so I'll have it easy up to 14 words & then I may have trouble. Pop would sure have a time with this equipment we take two weeks to learn how to tune a transmitter alone & thats only one type, by the time I'm out of here I'll be able to understand what pops taking about so he'll have to be careful not to mix things up because I'll be in a position to correct him.

Thanks a lot for the ring it's sure a nice one and this is one peice of jewelry I'm sure will bring me good luck and thank the rest of the family for the jacket I'll write them next sunday because I'm sure up to my neck in work, but as long as I make good passes like the last exam its sure encouraging and I'll keep it up and try to raise my average each time.

I'm going to Al's next saturday for dinner & help him put up the storm windows because winters beginning to set in.

My colds gone and I'm in rare shape still putting on weight and enjoying the good food, I box to keep in shape and I'm managing to keep my features from being distorted.

Well I'll close now & stick my nose back into radio theory.

Thanks again for the ring it sure looks good even on me.

So long for now

Your loving son

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Original Scans