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Date: September 15th 1944

R97725 Humphrey JF,
R.C.A.F. Overseas,
Sept 15/44

Dear Mom:

It's almost a week since I wrote you last and in the last three weeks I've had only one letter from you and it only took 8 days to get here, it seems our mail has accumulated at our old station as many as twenty at a time, but as yet mine haven't arrived. I've just this minute got out of the bath and I realize that I need a dressing gown -for my birthday- nothing expensive- just something warm (I think there's a hint in there somewhere)

I inquired about your pension, they told me it would be quicker on that side so let me know just as soon as you get word back from headquarters, they haven't as yet started increasing my allowance home yet but it was supposed to become iffective the end of august, but it'll straighten out when I get settled on one station.

I received a parcel from Isabelle the other day I'll write here tomorrow with thanks, it came in handy- ask the boy's- this parcel business is organized here in our room, it's share and share alike- so send five of everything, other wise it's babled to be me that's left out.

I'll bet Dot and Carle are happy about the blessed event , even if it was a girl -oh! well you can't have everything and it seems we Humphreys are kind of weak on boys anyhow, give them my congratulations and I'll write them in a few days.

I'm anxious to here about the house if it's sold and who to and what you intend to do- I guess you've explained it in your other letters but as I haven't received them yet I'm still in the dark.

I've just had five days leave and I spent it all in camp- I like it here and it's less expensive. I haven't received a letter from aunt Jane yet but I did get an answer from Bobby.

I'll have to be up in the morning early so I'll get to bed and rest up, tomorrow a big day I may get tested.

Give my regards to all at home and keep smiling I'll be home in no time (I hope)

So long for now Mom

All my love

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Original Scans