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Date: June 9th 1942

Dearest Mom - June 9, 1942

Today I received two parcels, the one sent form Seattle consisting of brown shoes and two sets underwear and one of twelve books, mostly Ellery Queen. I don't know who sent latter but maybe you do. Both parcels are swell. The shoes were just what I wanted and I'm wearing them now. I haven't read any of the books before - they'll keep me busy for a while. I've received eight parcels now altogether but still haven't hot your personal parcel sent Oct. 30. Such is life. However, food and chocolate parcels are most welcome around here. Don't send any more clothing as I'm pretty well fixed for that. This new camp, run by the Luftwaffe is much better than the other place. I've had no mail for a couple of weeks - the latest one so far is March 1st. So you see the mail is erratic here too. I've been writing you regularly, Mom, so you should get some mail soon. I hope all is well out there still and that you're all in the best of health. I've made the maximum pay allotment to you dated back to last Sept. Use this money as you see fit, Mom. Give my love to Brenda and Jim. I'm always thinking of you. Tons of love


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