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Date: July 10th 1917
Mr. Moody
E. Cameron

6 Square Du Bois De Boulgne


July 10, 1917

Dear Mr. Moody:

It was I who sent you and Mr. Wright the cake and sweets. I wrote you a lertter at the same time which I fear never reached you. Perhaps I addressed it badly. I remember that I was not very sure of the address, but I am glad that the parcel reached you - I did not want anyone else to eat my cake. I think very often of you two nice men and wonder if I shall have the real pleasure of seeing you again some day. Who knows? You may be coming to Paris on your next leave. I am going off on a holiday very soon until September. I am going to England, right down in the heart of the country, to have a real rest and to help the birds eat the cherries. No more refugees, no more tales of misery for a full month! I am looking forward to it.

We had a great time here on the fourth of July. The French made a great fuss over the American soldiers and gave them an enthusiastic reception. Our men looked very like yours - the same type - tall, lean and wiry, and they looked like business. In the same khaki, with the same (or practically same) hat, one might have taken them for Canadians. I hope they will be as good fighters.

I see that you are in it all the time now. I also see that the British are holding the line between, whick looks as if we were going to do something in Flanders. There is something going on in Germany but the censor is so strict we cannot make out how serious it is. It seems to be a political crisis - they are trying to overthrow the Chancellor. I think their troubles are just beginning. They are intelligent enough to know that they are beaten even 'though the people are kept in ignorance. But I do wish we could stop their raids over London. The war will end in the air and we must make ourselves strong in that service.
We had a few very hot days here but since then it has been cool and wet with some very heavy thunder storms. The French call them cyclones but they don't know what a real cyclone is! - the kind we have (in America) you know.

My address in England is Stepleton House, Blandford, Dorset, and if you and Mr. Wright will let me know how you are from time to time, I shall be awfully pleased.

With best wishes to you both, believe me,

E. Cameron.