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Date: July 1917

Grand Servins


July ?, 1917

... pages 1 and 2 are missing

... is in the line. My section is in, and Harry is with them. I escaped it on account of being despatch rider again. I was attached to Headquarters for a week as a rider and had a very busy time covering 50 to 200 miles every day. I am back with the unit now and am having a little easier time. The O.C. (Officer Commanding) was asking me the other day if I would like to go on the cars as second driver. I told him I would, so if I make the grade I shall certainly be OK. as the Ambulance Drivers have a very easy time of it.

Say, wouldn't I just love to be at a picnic with you again. You old Darling, I would give 10 years to be able to spend a week with you right now. Budsie, all day long while riding the cycle I'm thinking of old times and day dreaming of the future. You wonder when I miss you most honey bunch? Well, it's all the time! Everytime I see a girl, I think of my little girl and wonder what she's doing, and at night I never go to sleep without thinking of you Dear. Can you imagine what it would be like Dear to sleep on a cement floor with one blanket over you and one under? We are in huts now and they all have cement floors. But there, you old fatty, you wouldn't feel the hard spots - your bones are so nicely covered. I'm about as fat as Heck. Oh, by the way, I haven't seen Heck for over a week. His Battalion has gone into the line and I shall have to wait until they come out again before I can see him. Can you make out this awful scrawl Dear? I am writing this on my knee, and it's a little difficult.

Let me know Dear when you receive the purse, spoon etc. that I sent from Paris. I guess they will come through alright. You have been very lucky in getting the parcels I'Ve sent so far.

WHEN are you going to send me your photo Budsie? I am still waiting patiently for it.

Did I tell you a Miss SMITH sent me a letter? I meant TAYLOR. I don't know what made me think that her name was Smith. I was asking Heck if he knew Elsie Smith in Saskatchewan and he said didn't I mean Taylor? I sent her letter on to you as per your request - did you receive it? And don't worry about her ever taking me away from you old honey bunch, nobody can ever do that - and I don't care who, or what they are! You are to me the dearest, prettiest, sweetest natured little girl in all God's world. I couldn't possibly find a better one, or one even as good. Bless you Budsie!

On what side do you have that pain? If it's the right side, I'd advise you to see a Dr. right away because I've an idea I know what your in for. The Frasers are distressed about the fate of poor Arch. They think he is terribly sick, and, as Nan says "man like, he won't say what is the matter with him". I think I could easily tell them. An extra pair of sox would help him a whole lot. Harry has been all in with the same complaint as Fraser (Trench Foot) for the last month, but you couldn't get him to go into the hospital. I had nine days of it last January and also had a chance to get away, but if I hadn't the guts to stick it out, I wouldn't have come out at all. Nor would old Harry.

Did I tell you Mike Barnett was wounded, also George Munro (you remember the boy I was on survey with?). And say, poor Hammond was killed last week. He was the boy you jumped on at Young's in Calgary when he said he only enlisted to have a good time. I had seen him several times out here; I know his people will be terrible cut up.
Mrs. Gregory said in her letter that Mrs. Fairweather and Mrs Ab Patton were having a race in getting fat. Does she mean what I think? Surely not Mrs. Patton. I went to call on Fred Taylor last week and found he had left for England a month or so ago so there are not many Meota boys left out here now. Until the 232nd get out.

Gee, I hope I get on the cars, or else keep the cycle - I have it running fine now. If I ever get money enough I must certainly get a motorcycle and sidecar when I get back - wouldn't that be Jake? What is George doing now Bud? Looks as 'though he may be conscripted.

I have a few little things to send you Dear, and will send them as soon as I get the chance. No more news for now - will write again in a few days.

All my love to you and Bobs my Darling Buds,

As ever your own


P.S. Write often Dear.