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Date: July 29th 1916


July 29, 1916

My Dearest Budsie:

You have certainly been good writing this week. I received five letters in eight days from you, one from Mrs. Gregory, one from home, and a big box of candies and apples from Edith Manser. Nan's parcel has not arrived yet.

I'm still waiting for you to send the Optimist. I would like to get it so much. Where did you stay when in Meota? How long were you at Ridleys? Has Riseborough given up his store altogether? Say, if I can get back before G&F open up a branch store, I guess there will be a little chance for me, eh? If Grey is still with them when I come home I don't think I shall ask them for a job although Mrs. Gregory writes as though they are waiting for me to come back. Poor old lady is not able to get around as well as she used to. Says she has not been out since March! T'will be hard for her as she was so used to pottering around. Says she hunts the casualty list daily to see that nothing has happened to me.

Vic was down to supper with me last night and Jack is coming tonight. We are down in France now - just one section - running a rest camp and having a real good time. Lots of sports and every night Harry and I take a walk around the country lanes and talk "home". It's pretty around here.

I am on the water wagon now. Just make a trip a day for water. Harry is in the cook house. And so you liked the brooch etc. I sent along. As soon as we get paid again I'll look for something nice to send. I'm glad you like them. Did Heck get the ring?

I'll bet a dollar the boys of the 232nd never see France. But I imagine old Heck will. Let me know when he comes out and I'll try and get him transferred. Am enclosing a letter received yesterday from Edith Manser. I saw her when in England. Have not heard from Queenie yet. Muriel says Queenie is engaged again, to a Lieut. in the Imperial Army! Also enclosing Mrs. G's letter.

Dutton wishes to be kindly remembered to you, and dear old Harry sends his love - he's a great old friend. Don't know how I should get along without him. Haven't seen Ed Ridley yet, but have made several inquiries about him.

Don't trouble to send me any parcels. We get real good eats, and as you are paying up old debts, you won't have money to spare. Must close and get this in today's mail. Tell me how you like Saskatoon, and what you are doing. Tell Heck to drop me a line.

All my love to you Budsie girl.

As ever yours,