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Date: August 11th 1917



August 11, 1917

Dear Pink:

I just received a letter from Grannie saying that Aunt Annie died on the 3rd of August. Pink I feel so bad that I can't go up and see poor old Grannie. They sure were kind to me when I was up there. She must have died very sudden, as the day before she died she sent me a great big parcel. Everything I wanted was in it, and she used to write often to me. But Pink, I am so pleased I went up to Scotland when I was able.

I hope Ross will be able to go up and help her as she is all alone now. They seemed so happy when I was up.

I haven't heard from Cecil since I left him where we met in France, and I don't hear much from home. It's over a month since I heard from our Dad or Nina, but expect to go in the trenches soon and then when I come out again, I will be sure to have some mail. It's worth two trips in the line two get some mail.

Pink are you still at Meota? Send me your address. I sure get some fine letters from the Moody Girls. They sure are fine girls.

Well Pink, goodbye for now.

I remain your loving brother, B. Boy, Hector

Love to wee Bob and yourself. Please write soon to old 887832, Heck