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Date: May 1918


Sometime in May, 1918

Pages missing . . .

. . . anymore P.A.T. money, you should worry. If you get $35. from the P.F., $25. Separation Allowance, and $20. assigned pay, why you should be able to make out well with $80. a month Dear.

I am going to ask you once again about the money you are receiving. DO you get $25. Sep. Allowance and $20. assigned pay? And what are you receiving from the P.A.T. Fund? I have asked you this a dozen times, but you never say a word. I haven't the slightest idea what you are getting.

I see Herb Hunter and Oscar Walker have been wounded. Lord! I wish I could get a chance to look up their Battalion. They will all be away before I get a chance to find them. I know what Battalion they are in, but it is still in the line. And fancy old Joe LeMay being a Justice of the Peace. He must be getting to be an important personage now.
I still receive Optimist. Have you renewed the subscription Dear? It ran out in January 'tho I am still receiving it. After I am thru with it, I send it on to Silas Pickle. He is tickled to death to get it. He haven't seen him for some time. He was shelled out of his last dugout.

Did wee Bubs receive the registered letter OK? And I also sent him 5 francs in my last letter

Harry received at letter from Russ's wife last mail and she said she had met Mrs. Moody and that she thought she was a lovely girl. When anybody makes a remark like that about you I feel proud as punch because you are my little girl.

A few more days Girlie Dear and we shall have been in France 2 years. Isn't that a long time considering what we have been thru'? But when I look back on the day I last saw you, it seems an eternity. How much longer is it going to be. I don't think it can be long now Hon, this year will undoubtedly see the finish.

It's getting late Dear and I have to be up at 6:30 am to collect the sick, so will close. I love you ever so much for your nice letter Dear, but it was just what I expected from you. You are such an old Sweetheart.

Kiss Bob for me and tell him I am anxiously waiting for a letter from him. Remember me to Ree and Eugene. All my love to you Darling. Write all long letters like the last, and tell me all the Meota news.
Yours ever Budsie,