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Date: March 22nd 1917

France. Mar 22/17

To Miss Dorothy Stagg
418 Ossington Ave

Dear little chum:-

You surely will be surprised to get 2 letters from me at almost the same time but Daddy didn't know the other day who sent that lovely tin of pine apple which he enjoyed so much. Thank you so much sweetheart for it. How you must have worked to earn the money to buy it. You sure are a darling & I ate every bit of it for my dinner one day wasn't I greedy. Daddy is laying in bed writing to you, isn't he lazy. but then you see he has an excuse as I didn't get to bed till 3 oclock & before that he was floundering thru mud almost up to his neck. oh he was dirty & the night was so dark. & he was so tired.

You do pray darling that this old war may soon end & Daddy soon be home again to you all. & then maybe he will buy you a tin of some thing kiss the baby for her bag of candies which I have & for the kiss she left on it for me. Now darling I hope you get this & with best of love & hugs & hiss I remain your loving chum Daddy

My you must have saved a lot of silver XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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