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Date: May 10th 1917

Hayward Heath
Cottage Hosp

May 10/17

Dear Sweetheart Dorothy:-

This letter will have to do for baby Eleanor & you for she don't want a letter yet cause she cant read & you will have to tell her all about it. Daddy sends a whole lot of love to you & kisses & just wants to take & hug you both so hard. You looked very funny sitting in front of baby in the corral did you laugh for Daddy. but you shouldn't have moved & then it would be fine. do you remember when Daddy used to lift you up to the ceiling & you wanted him to do it a'den. he wouldn't be able to lift you up now would he as you are a big girl now. Daddy has a baby of his own just now which he has to take great care of & see its not hurt & they wrap it up in cotton wool & wrap it all up to keep it clean, but when it has its clothes off its an awful dirty baby & the nursie is ashamed of it & wants to give it a bath but is afraid that she will hurt it because its so weak & sick & now darling Daddy sends his love to you & your dear Aunt Queenie & you will have to give her some of these kisses. Goodbye darling your Daddy sends his love


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