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Date: January 23rd 1943

No. 1 Y Depot
Halifax, Nova Scotia

January 23, 1943

Dear Dad,

I received your letter from the post office this morning, and as I happened to be going downtown this afternoon, I dropped into the Camp Hill Hospital to see how your cousin Peter Newton was getting along. They looked into their files and found that he was discharged from the hospital in Dec. 28. He had one leg amputated and apparently the other leg is alright. Right now he is staying at the Halifax Hotel, as far as they know at the hospital. I didn't go down to see him there but possibly you could get in touch with him at that address.

Things aren't too bad down here at the present time. There is always entertainment at the camp here every night, but I'll certainly be glad to be on my way.

I spent a little time today in packing odd things into the large haversack which is attached to our Webb equipment. I suppose you are familiar with what this looks like, which includes the usual water bottle, revolver holster and the inevitable steel helmet placed on the back of the haversack. When we get our gas mask and all this equipment on around us, it will be a pretty heavy load to march the three odd miles down to the docks.

We are practically finished here now, so I'll send a cable home when I arrive at my destination, wherever that may be. If this should be England, then I'll certainly look forward with much anticipation to touring this country on any leave that may be given to me. I know I'll enjoy myself as I'm realizing an ambition to see a bit of this world that I probably would never have got. At any rate, it certainly is an opportunity which I'm pleased to get.

Well, I can't think of very much more to say, so I'll say so long for the time being-and don't work too hard.

I received Mother's letter today, so I'll enclose her letter in with this one.

Your loving son,