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Date: June 13th 1943

RCAF Overseas
June 13, 1943

Dear Mother & Dad,

I just received a number of letters from you the other day. There were two letters and an airgraph. The letters were dated May 7th & 10th and the airgraph was dated May 24. I also received another surprise today when I received a parcel from you containing chocolate bars, candy, cheese and the flashlight batteries. I don't suppose I'll need the batteries till September as it doesn't get dark now till 11:30. I guess they will keep alright though. Did you receive my other letter where I asked if you could get me some 120 film-about 12 or 15 rolls if you could get them, and also some Trump cigars? Thanks a million for your parcel. It was really swell of you and I certainly appreciate all the items that were in it.

I received quite a few letters from Uncle Ted and Aunt Eleanor lately asking me to come up and visit them. Unfortunately, I'm not able to do so as I'm not likely to get any leave for some time yet. I haven't had as much as a 36-hour pass now in the last four months. All we get at the present is a day off each week, however this isn't too bad and life around this station is pretty easy. I expect to be leaving to go to another station in a couple of weeks. I don't know where this will be as yet. However, I hope it's as nice as this place.

I received a letter from Ruby the other day and she said that they received a letter from you and, of all things, she said that you were worried about my going into pubs. However,there is nothing to be worried about for as Ruby said to me, the pub over in this country
is more or less of a social centre, which it is. Everybody over here goes to the pubs the odd night as a way of spending a pleasant evening. Besides, a person has to have something to do.

Did Howard manage to get in the Air Force yet? I thought sure he would get a deferment in view of the work he is doing. Over in this country they don't put anyone in the Army if they are on important war work.

There has been plenty of rain around here lately, which they say is unusual for May and June. I suppose in the Fall there will be plenty of rain. I received a parcel of cigarettes from the girls at Fairbanks Morse today, which certainly was nice of them. Tell Ivy I received her letter and will be writing to her in a few days. It's quite awhile now since I wrote Uncle Jim so I'll try and write a letter to him tomorrow. When I get some leave I'll try and get down to see them again.

That's about all the news I can think of so goodbye till next week.

Your loving son,