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Date: March 2nd 1943

R.A.F. Regiment,
R.C.A.F. Overseas

March 2, 1943

Dear Mother & Dad,

You will probably notice that I am now at another station, however this is only temporary so use the other address-No. 3 PRC RCAF Overseas. We are having quite a lot of fun at this station. At least there is always lots of entertainment in the evenings. When I leave this place I certainly should be a lot healthier than when I came. They work us like
horses drilling and marching all day. I was going out tonight but we marched so damn far today, I felt too tired to bother so I thought I'd better start writing some letters. I've hardly written any since I came to England.

I took some pictures of some of the fellows and also one of myself today. I'll try and send it along in my next letter; however, don't expect to see me in air force uniform. We are dressed in steel helmets, heavy boots and khaki dress. You will probably get quite a laugh out of it.

We get Saturday afternoons ¬and Sundays off so our weekend is nice and long. I'm going to try and get down to Sunderland for a visit one Sunday afternoon. I'll have to leave around dinner in order to get back here again for supper. Uncle Jim gave me the address of your old home in Sunderland.

By the way, have you heard anything about that war bond I paid for? It certainly is time they sent it along. I lost the receipt for the money order so I don't know how I'll prove that I ever paid for the darn thing. I suppose you had better pay Billy for the radio. I thought that he wanted $35.00 for it. However, if he wants $40.00, I guess you may as well give it to him. Make sure that people don't run the radio while I'm away.

I just received a letter a letter from Norma yesterday. It was swell to hear from her again as it seems quite awhile since her last letter. I have to try and write her a letter tonight and also one to Ivy.

At the present time we are billeted at a house here. The houses are very nice, but as they have no central heating, they are pretty darned cold. We have a fireplace in our room and we buy our own coal to keep it going in the evenings. There is one advantage in these open fireplaces and this is we can make our own toast before we go to bed at nights. We have quite a feast sometimes. As usual, the weather here is still very mild. It's almost as warm here in the North as it is down in the South of England. We were walking past a golf course today and there were people out playing golf, so you can imagine how warm it is. We have to get up at 6:30 every morning and do physical training in just a pair of shorts and a shirt. It's pretty darn cool running across the fields like this, though.

Does Jean phone up at all now, Mother? I just finished writing a letter to her tonight.

Well, I always seem to run out of news after I get past one page. There never seems to be very much to talk about over here. However, since I've used up all of the space, I'll have to close now, but will write again next week and let you know how everything is going.

Keep writing regularly with all the news from home.

Your loving son,