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Date: May 5th 1943

R.C.A.F. Overseas
May 5, 1943

Dear Mother and Dad,

I've just finished writing a letter to Norma telling her a little bit of news, so I hope you won't mind a little repetition. I received a parcel from her last week and it certainly was nice to receive it. It looks like some of the letters I've been writing home have apparently never arrived there. I have been writing every week. Some of them were airgraphs and air letters, but it looks like some of those air letters aren't any faster than the ordinary mail. I don't think I'll bother using them so much in this case.

I wrote a letter a few months ago of about nine pages telling of my trip up to Scotland, when I had a week's leave at that time. I'm sorry you never received this letter as I imagine you would have found it rather interesting. I can't remember any of the details so much now, but I can say that I was up to Glasgow for a couple of days and I saw Uncle George and Aunt Elizabeth. A friend and myself visited them on a Sunday afternoon and we stayed for tea. Aunt Elizabeth was really swell and we had quite an interesting talk together. She brought out a lot of old pictures and we had quite a laugh out of some of them, especially some old ones of Uncle Jim and you, Dad. The weather was pretty miserable at that time in Glasgow, so we went down to Buxton for a few days and stayed with Uncle Arthur and Aunt Sally. I met Mr. & Mrs. Baggerley and their two daughters Margaret and Jean. Margaret, Ruby, my friend Lynn and myself went out to a tea dance one afternoon in that large building with the huge dome just across from the hotel there. We had quite a good time, and afterward we went over to see the laundry.
We stayed in Buxton for a couple of days and we had a really good time there. The country around was very beautiful. I'd liked to have stayed longer, but our week was nearly up so we had to leave and get back again. We saw quite a bit of England in this week, though. We had a free warrant so the traveling didn't cost us a cent.

I was stationed near Uncle Jim for a couple of weeks again, and just moved up here to another station a few days ago. I had a swell time there in those two weeks. Millie was staying there for a few weeks' holiday and several times Aunt Florence, Millie & I went out for afternoon tea. I took some pictures of Millie & Aunt Florence and I'll be sending them along to you as soon as I can.

The station I'm at now is quite nice and the food is pretty good. It is in the Midlands and the flying is quite interesting around here. The Sergeant's mess is very good, much better than what we had in other stations I've been at in this country.

How is Ivy these days? I haven't heard from her since I've been over here. Tell her to write sometime as I would like to hear how she is getting along.

Well, Mother & Dad, I guess that's about all the news for the present. I'll write again next week and tell you how everything is going.

Your loving son,