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Date: May 18th 1943

RCAF Overseas
May 18, 1943

Dear Mother & Dad,

Although it's a really swell evening out, I thought that I had better stay in a catch up on some letter writing. Incidentally, I have some much better writing paper than this, as I received some in the parcel I received from you last week. At the moment it's over at the billet, so I'm using this paper. That toothpaste I received is very good. My teeth were getting sort of stained and when I started using this tooth powder it cleaned them right up again.

The next day after I received this parcel, my pipe tobacco came, so that was another pleasant surprise. In case you didn't receive my other letter in which I mentioned that I had bought another camera, would you send me in your next parcel 10 or 12 rolls of 120 film. I have about 6 rolls now so this will last me until I receive some more. I received a letter from Uncle Ted and Aunt Eleanor yesterday. They were asking me to come up and visit them when I get another leave. I'm not sure when this will be as my next leave will not be for some time yet.

However, when I get on "Ops" I'll be getting seven or eight days off every six weeks, so I should be able to get up to see them sometime. Last Sunday afternoon I went down to London. There really wasn't much time to do very much so I went over to the Beaver Club and spent a couple of hours there. After I walked around Trafalgar Square looking at the pigeons, and then over to the Thames where I could see Big Ben up the river. I was only in London about four hours but I had quite a nice time. I often ride into Rugby on my bicycle at nights and it seems to be a very nice place. Saturday night a few of the boys and myself went to a dance there and we had quite a good time.

If you are writing to Uncle Jim or Millie, you better not mention that I was in London as I said that I would see Millie if I went there. As a matter of fact, I didn't have her address on me so I couldn't see her. Anyway, perhaps it would be better not to mention that I was down there. By the way, Mother, do you remember those small white undershorts I used to wear. They look like bathing trunks. Would you see if you could send me a couple of pair in your next parcel? Size about 30-nothing larger than 32 though. I've just run out of ink so I had to borrow another fellow's pen. It's impossible for me to buy any clothing here as we are not issued with any clothing coupons.
How is Billy getting along in the Army? Did he manage to get into the field kitchen part of it yet?

By the way, has Ivy written to me yet? I haven't received any letters from her or that picture of myself that was in the paper. Well, I'm afraid there isn't very much to tell you this week so I'll say goodbye for now. Will write you next week again.

Your loving son,