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Date: May 27th 1943

RCAF Overseas
May 27, 1943

Dear Mother & Dad,

I received both of your very welcome letters this morning. One letter was dated April 15 and the airgraph was dated May 8. It was quite interesting to learn that you have the store all fixed up now complete with tile floor. It certainly must look pretty smart now, although it must have cost you quite a bit of money. Are you still very busy, or has it fallen off a bit now that summer is coming?

Judging from your letter, Pat must be quit a large dog now and probably as much trouble as he is large. I imagine he will calm down a lot as he gets older.

I received a letter from a few of the girls at Fairbanks Morse today. It was really swell to hear from them and learn about a bit of the news around the office. They said they saw my picture in the paper but I haven't received this yet. Could you send me one?

I received the tobacco okay and thanks a million. What I need now is a decent pipe as they are rather hard to get over here. Would you see if you could pick me up a cheap lighter? The cheap ones are much better for lighting a pipe-referring to those round ones. Chocolate bars, chewing gum and tinned fruit are always very welcome. Could you possibly send me some Trump cigars-two for a nickel kind. I haven't had a cigar since I've been over here. How does my bank account stand these days? I hope to have about $2,000.00 in the bank when I get home again. If I don't [get back] then I'm leaving it all to you.

I received a letter from the Bank of Montreal today-Moncton Branch. They asked me to pick up my war bond within 15 days or they would be forced to charge me for safekeeping. Silly, isn't it. I'm glad to know that they have the bond, though, and I'll write them a letter asking them to mail it to you in Toronto. If it doesn't come within a reasonable time, perhaps you could write to them and ask them to send it to you. The address is Bank of Montreal, Moncton, N.B.

I went into town tonight and bought a picture album. It will be a much better way of keeping them than having them laying around in different envelopes.

I'll have to try and get a letter away to Uncle Jim tonight, as I haven't written to him yet in the three weeks that I have been up at this station.

As usual, there is very little news that I can tell you. I might mention that the weather has been very nice lately, although there hasn't been any real hot weather as yet.

Well-goodbye for now.

Your loving son,