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Date: 1942

No. 1 Y Depot
Halifax, Nova Scotia
[?] 1942

Dear Mother,

I had very little to do this afternoon so I thought that it would be a good time to write a short letter to you.

Things are going along pretty good down here. There is very little to do, especially in the afternoons and we usually manage to sleep or get some reading in. It certainly seems to be a pretty soft life here.

Last Sunday another friend and I went downtown for dinner. It was a beautiful day out, which is unusual, and we went for a long walk. Later in the afternoon, we took the ferry over to Dartmouth. It only cost 7 cents and it's about the same distance as it was across to the Island in Toronto. The salt water never seems to freeze.

As you are not allowed to draw full pay in England, I signed about $56.00 a month to you so that you can put it in the bank for me. I thought it would be wise to have some money saved up when I get back again. I guess this should amount to about $700.00 a year, which should certainly come in handy some day . . .

Your loving son,