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Date: November 2nd 1943

No. 419 Squadron
R.C.A.F. Overseas

November 2, 1943

Dear Doug,

Just received your letter the other day and it was swell to hear from you again.

I've just finished writing a letter to an old friend of mine who is also stationed at Aylmer. His name is L.F.C. Deane, first name is Bill. I thought perhaps you would like to look him up. I imagine he will probably receive his letter the same day as you receive this one. I was pleased to hear that you managed to get two weeks leave. I hope you had an enjoyable time up at Waubaushene. I hope to be getting a week off myself in another few weeks, however I suppose it will depend on how busy we are going to be.

The station I am on at present is pretty good. There are plenty of nice towns that we can get into by bus and train in a matter of fifteen minutes or so.

I believe I mentioned in my letter home that my rear gunner and I bought a motorcycle between us. It's a small B.S.F. about 1938 model, and although our gas ration is small, we mange to get around in it alright.

How is everything at Aylmer these days? Do they manage to keep you very busy around the camp? I'm having it pretty soft on this station. I very seldom get up for breakfast so I usually lay in bed till 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning, and if I'm not working the next night, or should I say that night, I go into town and see a show. It's really a lazy life, but I love it. I hope by the time you get this letter, you will have been made a corporal. My Flt Sgt came through about six weeks ago and I'll be getting about five months back pay, which will come in pretty handy.

I suppose Pinkie is kept pretty busy now that she has a daughter to look after. How does it feel to be a father, Doug? Plenty of worry, I'll bet!

Well, Doug, I can't think of very much more of interest to say so cheerio for now-and do write again soon.

Lots of luck,