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Date: January 26th 1943

Debert N.S.

26 - 1 - 43

Dear Inona-:

Well, we finally arrived in Debert. What a station. It is RAF if you have any idea what they are like. We got here about four o' clock saturday morning and they couldn't find any place in the sergeants quarters for us to sleep so put us in with the officers. That is the only thing that is any good about the station. The meals are really terrible. There is a restaurant across the road where we eat the most of our meals. The officers have a batman and he does all our work for us too. It is very nice to have the work done around the hut for you. We haven't done very much yet but start to fly in the morning. It should be a little more interesting. We have a pretty good trip coming down but we were nine hours late.

Our quarters is about a mile from the main part of camp so we have to take a truck any place we want to go. It is the biggest camp in Canada.

Well the boys have just come in from the canteen so there isn't much use trying to write any more will do letter next time.



Sgt Cauthers W.9.

R.A.F Debert

Nova Scotia

To Sergeants Mess.

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Original Scans