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Date: September 27th 1942

Calgary, Alberta.


Dear Inona-:

Well I have been working my head off to-day and it is just going around in whirls so thought I would quit. We have our 19th week exams in the morning and I hope to christ I pass them.

I got a parcel from Edna on friday and the chicken she sent sure tasted good only I eat too much of the candy.

I went down to the dance about a week and a half ago and met a little girl from Coalhurst. It is about 180 miles from here.I have had her out 3 or 4 times since. Last night we went to the dance and I didn't get in until about 4 o'clock. After the dance we walked home and had a bite to eat. Then I lay down and forgot to come home I'm sure she would be tired this morning because she had to get up and go to mass. She is on R.C. The landlady always gets her up for church. If I get a 48 next week end we may go to Edmonton. I have never been up there and she suggested it so we might go. I hope it doesn't cost too much. She has lots of money anyway.

There was quite an accident out here the day before yesterday. A plane took off with three of our boys and a pilot. The motor quit and they came down for a forced landing and had a crash up. The pilot and two of the W.AG's were killed and they the other to the hospital but he died this morning. There is more fellows killed out here then there is in plane crashes overseas. Ive only seen the flag full mast about 4 times since I got here. They really put on smart funerals too. They have a regular funeral party and they sure get lots of work. I'm getting that when I get near as plane I shiver but have never backed down yet.

How does Margaret like going to school? I guess she think it is lots of fun now.

Well I'm tired as hell so think I will go to bed.


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