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Date: June 17th 1942

Please excuse writing because my tooth is hurting and I guess it is my nerves.

My address is L.A.C. instead of AC2

Calgary Albt.


Dear Margaret-:

I got your letter to-day so thought I would answer it to-night as I don't feel much like studying. I was at the dentist to-day and I am damn near dead. I got a tooth pulled and is it ever a mess. He went to pull it out and instead of the whole tooth coming only the top of it came. Then he had to take a chisel and hammer and split it. When he got it split he took the three roots out bit by bit and cut the gumwall to heel. He sure is going to make a job of them if he can have his own way. Instead of pulling those black ones I had at the front he is going to fill them with gold and that dead one at the top he is going to put a gold bridge on it so they are really going to look smart if he can get permission from the R.C.A.F. I had my first Morse exam to-day and I got 100% on it so hope I can get that on the rest of the subjects. We had a graduation parade here yesterday and was it ever smart. The C.O. said it was the smartest ever in Calgary. There was 100 fellows got their sparks. I think the whole town of Calgary was up and did we ever put on an exibition. It took the whole afternoon. There is 4 air force camps around here and we got appointed to march in the Calgary Stampede so that is something. They say it is the best school in Western Canada. I am going to try to get a few pictures of the camp to show you. There is terraces of flower beds all over the place and they are all out in bloom. If I don't get caught it will be alright.

I met a girl about two weeks ago at a dance in Bousen[?] park and boy did she ever fall for me. I took her home that night and she invited me down to supper the next night. I went down and her people are from Toronto. I knew her brother in the air force at the pool. I came home and I didn't call her for about a week and I got a note on my bunk to report to the Service police office wed. morn so I went down and here her mother had sent up a note for me to go down to supper that night. I went down and they wondered why I hadn't phoned or gone down. I know damn well she got her mother to send the note up. Boy are they ever in the money. You ought to see the house they have. I don't think you would find a nicer girl in the country so think I will hang around for awhile. It will be some place to spend my weekends anyway. They also have a nice big car.

You needn't send anything out for me to eat because they give you enough stuff out here for two meals. They are good meals too.

Don't say anything about that leave because if I get it I am going to try to make it a surprise. I'll tell you so you can meet me at the train.

Well I guess that is all for now

Love Austin.


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