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Date: November 14th 1943

R.CA.F. Overseas

Nov. 14, 1943.

Dear Inona-:

Rec'd your letter of Oct 3 a fair days ago so I have a bit of time this afternoon so thought would drop you a few lines. Haven't got much news but will do the best I can.

Glad to hear Stanley is getting along pretty good now. It will be a lot better for him now that he is in a double room. Hope he soon is able to get out of that place and come home again.

I haven't had any mail from home for over a week now. Guess it is because it is getting near Christmas. Sure hope some rolls in to-morrow. It is kind of hard writing when you don't get any to answer. I write to Dorothy every day and believe me some of them are pretty short.

I got my watch back the other day. I broke the main spring in it and sent it to Jim. The corporal[?] down there fixed it for me.

Well I guess it won't be long until Christmas. Boy the time really slips around doesn't it? Only seems a little while since last year. Don't know whether we will be off this year or not. If things keep going the way they have been I don't think we will. This sure is an awful place to have to spend it. Thats one day I'm really going to get tight.

Getting pretty well fed up with it over here, hope to god it ends pretty soon. Jim sure is fed up with it. He is on a real station though.

Im going to try and send some money home in a month or so. Shouldn't get paid for a month and a half now. Going to draw it all at once and get Sam to send it for me.

Well there doesn't seem to be much to talk about so guess I will close for now.



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