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Date: November 11th 1942

Calgary Alt


Dear Inona-:

Got your letter yesterday but won't be able to get the parcel until I go back to the Wireless school. We got moved out here last Saturday. This sure is a smart station. I didn't think there could be as much difference in two places. The meals are wonderful. For instance for dinner to-day we has roast chicken and carrot pudding.

I have been up quite a bit. Once on Saturday twice on Sunday twice Monday and once yesterday They are short two hour trips. I haven't up to-day so far but may go up on flight four. I hope I don't have to because I want to go down town to-night. Last night I didn't get down until 7.20 and it make it kind of late. I wish though it was going to last longer than two weeks. I never thought flying was so much fun. The pilots sure can put you through some great maneuvers. You can be riding along smooth and then all at once the ground is where the sky should be. It sure is a great thrill.

Gee Margaret has changed a lot. I would have hardly known her.

The sergeant just came and told me to get ready to go so guess had better get ready


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Original Scans