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Date: June 3rd 1945

R.W.C. H. C.A.O.

June 3, 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke,

Here I am today being good old Sunday and really put in a real nice day. First of all slept in but woke up before going to church. Gee I really thought I slept in to long but I just got there in time and this afternoon lay down to get a sun tan. This evening all Calobie boys were invited to go to the Possession of the Holy Communion it was really nice all the little girl's all dressed in white it made me think of little Maxine and Carmelle doing that back there in good old Wolseley. Oh! Everything was just swell first thing I enjoyed since I came over.

Well I'm sure hoping to get them two letters as it would get me home very much sooner then just waiting my turn. The Doc. Is holding me back here till they come you see I work for him and I told him about it and he said that he'd hold me for a while and put in a good word for me. So that makes me feel a lot better.

Well it's raining cat's and dog's out right now England is sure a very fun country one minute its nice and warm the sun is shining and all at once it pours with rain so if a person happens to be caught in it, it's just too bad. Well paper is getting short. Say Hello to everybody for me and may God Bless you all and bring you the very best of luck and let's pray hard so we can all be together again.

Your Son who loves you all dearly.

Love & Kisses. Louis