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Date: August 2nd 1945

L106508 Pte. Dureault, J.L.

#4C.I.T.R. C.A.O.

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke,

Here I am at last I hope that you haven't been to long without a letter from me. I haven't been able to write as we've going all the time and at last we get settled for how long I do not know. I may go out again any day. This here is a pretty fair place it's by the seaside and a nice little town so it could be worse. I liked R.W.C.H. a lot better though.

Well about going home it looks' pretty poor now but I keep hoping for the best it's the only thing a fellow can do. I've met quite a few of the boy's that I was training with in Canada and they don't seem to mind it over here although they all say no place like Canada and that sure ain't no lie.

How is everybody at home? I hope you are all well and health and that no body is sick. I got any other of those army muscles today and the left arm don't feel so good it's about twice the size of the right oh! Well!. I've had so many of them since I got into this Army that it don't bother me very much now.

If I happen to move again soon I'll write as soon as possible and let you know the address. I think I'd better call this off for tonight. Here's hoping that the best of health and luck is with all of you as it leaves me in perfect condition. Cheer's for now and may God bless you all.

From you Son & Bro who loves you all dearly

Load's of kisses.

Xxxx Louis