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Date: August 12th 1945

R.W.C.H C.A. Eng.

Aug 12, 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro & Sis & Duke,

Hello there everybody how are you all? I do hope that you are all fine as for myself I feel the very best. Received your most welcome letter Dad and sure was pleased to hear from you and sure glad that you are getting along fine.

Well today being good old Sunday went to Communion this morning and haven't done a thing of any importance since just passing the time being plenty lazy, that's all, and tonight I do believe I'll drop down town and see a picture this evening unless something else pop's up. It sure is a beautiful day today and it makes a person mad when there is nothing to do but lay around.

I do hope you are all enjoying yourselves and hope that none of you are doing to much. Well, I guess I'd better ramble off as there is nothing I can say or should say there is nothing I can say. Say hello to all Uncles and Ants' for me and I do hop they are all well and happy. I knew the address to where I'm going to I'd tell but I don't know so I will let you know as soon as possible. Your Son & Bro who loves you all so dearly here's hoping to hear from you real soon.

Cheers for now all my love and kisses Louis xx