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Date: August 31st 1945

L.106508, Pte. J. L. Dureault

# 4 C.I.D.B. # 2 L.G.R.U.C.AE.

August 31, 45

Dearest Dad, Mother & Bro & Sis.

Here I am once more, just received a swell letter from Dad with that wonderful news in it and I no doubt a bit that you are all thinking at home that I'm already on my way but as myself I haven't heard a thing yet but some of these day's I may hear my name called for a repeat draft.

I also received a swell letter from Helen S. & she is also thinks that I'm on my way home by now and she said that she was already ahemm!! Also, glad to know that you are all feeling better at home and that Lorraine is once more in good health she wants' to be careful now thought.

Well Dad, I do hope that I'll be able to get home to work for you I just can't wait. It will be a good pleasure to work under you Dad we'll make a good of it too. I suppose you have my room already for me, eh? I don't think that I'll be there at least for another month & if I do get there before that it will be an awful surprise to me but I'll pray real hard so as I can be on my way real soon I'm al ready to go packed everything. I may be going a wee end tomorrow and will go to visit old R.W. C Hospital and see my M.O. and a few people that I made real good friends with. Well, will have to go now. Remaining your Son & Bro with all the love and respect in the world also hoping to be able to give you some news of my going home soon. Best of luck and good health.

As every (Buck) Louis xxx