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Date: July 4th 1945

R.W.C.H. C.A.D.

July 4, 1945

Dearest Dad Mother Bro& Sis's,

Hello there everybody how are you all. I just received a swell letter which was written by a sec I believe by the name of "Nish" so thanks a lot Denise.

I see you all seem to be worried about what has happened between Denise and I well I wouldn't for sure what got in to her but I'm not worried over it at all. I just got a letter dated 31 May saying that she will be getting married in a couple of week's time so that's that however there is a lot of ups and downs in this world and that's one of them it's a good thing anyway better to happen now than later. I sure hope that you'll be getting your holidays shortly Dad and I do hope you really enjoy them Mother don't you work to hard now.

I see where Lorraine is being independent to boy when I get home and see all those big girls around the house I'll be scared, ha! Ha! Say George, I hear your growing to be quite a boy Denise says that you're a second Louis, boy oh boy George you must be lazy, ha! ha!

Gee Denise when I wrote and asked for a watch I didn't mean it that way I mean that you could get one put aside for me and that I'd get it when I'd get back. But I'll fix it up when I get back home. Dad, I thought I'd send a wire to you for your Birthday on the 6th which will be Friday. My thought will be with you and if you have a glass of wine have one for me to, eh!

Well must go now May God bless you all and I do hope that it won't be so very long before I'm on my way back. I'l bet there is a lot of Mother and Dad glad to see there Son back, ho well don't worry our happy reunion will come and when it does clear the road for the Dureault family cause we'll really go to town, eh is everybody game? Gee I forgot Emilda's Birthday and already 16 golly years fly by pretty fast don't they.

Your Son and Brother who loves you dearly, Louis

PS I have not heard any more about the application.