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Date: February 19th 1917

Feb. 19th

Dear Lettie

I received your letter of Jan. 30th tonight and was glad to hear that you were well. I was glad to hear that you received the photos and that you liked them. You were asking what made us all laugh well I will tell you it was a French women that was taking the picture and she said something to attract our attention. We couldn't understand what she said but we laughed anyway. I was glad to hear that you got that centre piece all right. You did not say whether it was any good or not. I received that box that Mary sent me all right and it certainly was a good one. We are out of the trenches for a few days just now. We had over three weeks very severe weather not stormy but clear hard frost. But it is turning mild now so we will have lots of mud now for a time. I had the grippe for a week when we were in the trenches but I am feeling all right again excepts my joints are a little stiff. You were asking if C. Furniss was here. Yes he came here the same time as I did. I often see him. McLeod had a letter from Mr. Gidney the other day. He is back with the Army Service Corps. I got a letter from Aunt Rose and Uncle Will to night so I got all the St. Marys news. I received Miss Grey's letter the other day so will answer it soon. Well I will close for this time hoping you are well.

From Dave