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Date: October 21st 1918

Oct 21st '18
Dear Amy[?]
As you will notice I have taken another journey and am one more lap near the firing line. Reached [?] a week ago and am billetted with some French people, with whom we do not have much to do. Do not know how long I will be in this spot but my address is C.g.A. Reinforcement Depot; B.E.F.; France. That will always get me now. There are a number of changes here [?] [?] know it is not as lonesome as it might be. Owing to military regulations I cannot give you any detailed account of our surroundings. we do some drill in the morning and in the afternoon go for a route march. There has been some wet weather and as a result plenty of mud in evidence. Our meals here are better than in [?] and you get more to eat but the food is the same day in and day out. So I will appreciate any thing in the line of cookies or cake, and candy that you may be able to send along. Wrote you before I left England.

There is not a great deal to here altho we have a Y.M.C.A. which has a piano and a gramophone and various games. It also provides us with light so we can read and write, as it gets dark very early here. By 4.30 you need a candle.

Well I will have to close now. Hope you and the children and Bert are all well and taking some fun out of life. Do not think it will be long now before I will be back home as we are going right ahead and expect to keep it up.

Will say good-bye

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