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Date: December 15th 1918

Dec 15th 18
Dear Amy[?]

Your letter of Nov. 10th & 11th arrived a couple of days ago and your Christmas box to-day. Thanks very much for it it is very nice and I can assure you quite welcome. Everything is fine and the cake sure looks like a good one I am going to try to keep it for Christmas day altho the temptation to dig into it is very great. I have been quite lucky so far having received in all 5 [?] this week. So you may imagine I am living quite high. Believe me you were right when you thought the soap would come in handy. If I ever get away from here, and it looks very much as tho I would, I shall take a bath twice a day to make up for the insufficiency of them now. You surely had the influenza close to home and I hope you all escaped it.

It sent the two eldest children a card each for Christmas and sent Pauline a little bouquet which I hope will be useful. It was just an accident that I saw it in a store in Bruges. We are not doing much now, but filling in time, and I guess we will have lots of it to put in before we get home. I shall surely pay you a visit on the way back all right. Am going to take my time getting down to work after this spell, altho it will not do to waste too much time. We expect to move from here to some other camp, where we are told, there are more comfortable quarters. We will be about forty kilos from here and in the direction of [?]. We will see some of the devastated area and battlefields.

There is a branch of the Khaki College here now and I expect to lecture on Political Economy if any text books can be secured. There is also a rumor about that University men will be granted the privilege of attending a College in the old country or a Khaki College camp. Would like to study at Edinbors University.

There seems to be nothing definite arranged about demobilization. It is not likely that the A L men will be sent back until peace is signed. Considering the time of year we cannot complain of the cold altho it rains most of the time which makes it very disagreeable.

Am pleased to learn that you are all well and hope you keep so.

I do not think there is much more for me to say so I shall close with best wishes to all.


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