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Date: May 11th 1915

May 11/15
Did I tell you my Mutual Life Policy is due some time in July. I will tell them to send you the notice.

Dear Art:

Received your letter a few days ago and noted what you said about [?]. I wrote to D McLean yesterday to give you any money due to me from Sec 9. I intended to do this before but didn't [?] how the line went off he has sent the cheque to me I will return it to you. He wrote Cy that they were going to pay some soon. Hope you can pull through all right. Haven't heard form Henry in some time, hope he didn't go broke. I guess he hasn't or I would have heard. I saw Dodge the night we left England and I expect he let you know we have now been two weeks nearly all of [?] of which we spent in the trenches in Belgium. We were under heavy shell fire nearly all the time. It was very much like you read about but I didn't seem to mind it much. We were in support of a French Brigade with a British Indian Division on our right. We saw the Germans make an attack on the British [?] only about half a mile away. We could smell it quite plainly but not enough to bother us. I am sure I am not going to like the gas [?] but I don't think I will mind the rest very much. The whole Canadian Division in now back in France having a rest and reorganizing. We are attached to the 16th Batt. 3rd Brigade. Canadian Division B.E.F. and this will be my address in future. This is the celebrated Canadian Scottish Brigade, and they are good fighters all right, but no better than the rest of the Canadians. The Canadian Division is now considered as good as the best, and I am afraid it is a bed reputation to have as they are sure to put us in the next big fight. We are expecting to leave for the Front sometime the last of this week but where it is hard to say. I will let you know from time to time. It is hard to write letters in the trenches, but we get our mail regularly. Cy and I are still in the same company by we may be shifted when some of the wounded get back. This [?] half other men and two thirds of other officers.
Be sure and write to Jammie often, and don't frighten him any more than you can help. For I many get a good round and get out that way. That will be the only chance. If you don't get anything to do this summer try and have a good time. Will write often after this. Regards to every one.

From your loving bro. Don