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Date: October 3rd 1915
Cyrus Peck

British Exped. Force
Oct.3rd 15

Dear Art:

Every available source has been tried to find Don but without avail. I very much fear one must be prepared for the worst. I place no credence whatever in any of the rumours about him, as I ran down everyone of them and found they all came from the same source which was unreliable. There is a remote hope that he might have been taken prisoner and is too ill to write but I think it very remote.
Perhaps you know where his will is. I think it is with some lawyer in Vancouver New Westminster. A copy of it is in some baggage at the Royal Colonial Institute, London. I expect to be over there soon on short leave, and will send it to you. You and Henry Doyle are his executors.
I am telling you this as one never knows how long they will be in this [?] of [?] (Don't say this to my folks) I am sending two snapshots of Don & I before leaving England. Give one to Mother. We expect [?[] doings here [?]

With best regards
Cyrus Peck