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Date: August 9th 1918

Pte John H. Robertson
Pt Can Reserve
Seaford Sussex
Aug 9/ 18 England

Dear Sister

I received your letter dated June 9th today and also letters from Mother and Sonny yesterday dated June 9th and 12th. I certainly was glad to get them. I hadn't got a word from any of you for over two weeks. I know they must be held up some where. For I know you are all writing to me at least once a week from some of you. I have always sent one a week regular and sometimes more when I get letters to answer. I hope you get half of them and then you will be all right I get mail from Scotland regular now from aunt [June?] & my cousins especially since I have been there we have something to write about now. It is hard writing to people you have never seen isn't it. I have told you all about them in a couple of my previous letters so it isn't much use doing it over again. I always try to think of something new that happened ever letter. I sure you would like them all. They were all awfull anxious to hear all about Mother, Charlie and yourself. They had seen dad so they knew what he was like. The all wanted to know if I though dad would like to go back to Scotland. I said shure he would but with a return ticket in his pocket. Uncle Charlie who lives in Motherwell works on the railroad. He is an engineer he wanted to know all about our Canadian railroad. I did the best I could to give him an idea what it was like but I don't know how I succeeded. When Uncle John, Davy and Charlie were all together, we had some great talks. They told stories of the stunts they used to do with Dad included when they were boys. I never heard that dad played on a football team before till Dave on the bus one day with Uncle John and Aunt [June?] going to Motherwell. So we passed a small place on the road they pointed out the place. they said he used to be a goal keeper. What does Sonny think of that Our dad must have been some sport in his younger days.

You were kidding me about the gum chewing. I knew you wouldn't mind I just mentioned it in my other letter to see what you would say. The gum we get here is awful pink stuff. And they soak 5 [?] a package for it. That is some price for the kind of dope it is. Mother was saying she was making a cake better than the first one. I think she will have a hard job. I was just about a good as possible I think. The whole package arrived undamaged so everything was in first class shape. I was glad to hear that you are all getting on fine. And also that Mother & Charles were going to the coast. It will do them both good to have a holiday near the beach. I hope you & Dad don't work to hard. It doesn't pay. I'm not doing any more than I can help myself. I'll soon be a regular soldier. It is to bad uncle George has been called up. I'm sure he wont like it. But he will get used to it. The fellows arround here say the first 5 yrs of Army life is the worste after that you get kind of used to it.

I got the snap of you in your uniform with the baby quite a while ago it was certainly good of you. Don't forget to send one once in a while. I had my picture taken and sent one to you and one to mother in separate packages so you ought to get one at least. I also sent a couple of[ Harvey?] [?] he gave it to me to send to you so I couldn't refuse. I put one of my pictures in with his for you. I hope you like it. Aunt [Jim?] [June?]**[ I feel like this is "Aunt June"-loads of reference to her]** was awful pleased to get the picture you sent her. She praises it every time she writes to me. I wish I could see it. Uncle Davys family were all very stuck on it. The wished the could get one too. I sent them all one of me [?] have sent home.

I haven't much more news at present so I will close with best love to Mother Dad, Charlie & yourself. Hoping you are all well at present.

I am
your loving brother

PS. This fountain pen is first class That is the presents bought myself with the money you sent. I hope you get my little parcel OK.


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