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Date: November 10th 1917

November 10, 1917

Dear Marjorie,
I do not know whether you have been looking for a letter from me or not, anyway I will write once more in hopes of getting a reply some time. I look for letters from you in every Canadian mail but have been unsuccessful for some time past. Do you know that the last word I had from you was a note added on to one of Ella's while up the lake. Please write at least once in a while Marjorie if for nothing more than to tell me the news. This is an awful place up here. The Canadians have been in some bad places but this beats them all. The mud and weather conditions themselves are enough to a mortal crazy to say nothing of other things. I cannot say much but we will all be glad to get out of here, that is the least I can say. Any other part of the line would almost seem like heaven. I saw Reg Gallagher the other day so inquired about Cliff. He is fine and well. I received a letter from Ella yesterday, she seems to be very busy. She has mentioned Mr. Lawson in one or two of her letters. Has he a "crush" on her? I think I met him one weekend down at your place. What do you think of him? I want to ask you a question Marjorie. Now please don't think me presumptuous in taking the liberty of doing so, but if you ever fall in love yourself will you let me know. I ask you this because you asked that we be good friends but don't answer me unless you care to. I suppose you are very busy with your school. The Christmas holidays and exams will soon be here will they not? Remember me to Miss Bryant. I wish I was back in her school again. Am afraid this letter is not very cheerful. The surroundings are far from being such, however I feel that I could be a good deal worse off so why not be cheerful. Please write if you have only a lead pencil and a scribbler for I repeat that I look forward to receiving your letters. Remember me to Grace and everyone. I remain,

Yours as ever, Gordon