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Date: June 7th 1885

June 7 - Reveille at 5:30. Breakfast at 6 a.m. Blankets rolled. Tents down and folded and the Midlanders, 428 strong, were on the march for Frog Lake by 7 a.m. A short march to the boat loading, then all on board and off up the River Saskatchewan on steamer "Northwest" on 15 mile run to the Frog Lake Landing, our supplies and baggage by teams overland.

Had a quick run free of sandbars. Westerly then to march some 16 miles northerly to the greatest of fur countries: the Frog Lake, Beaver River and Crooked Lakes Hudson's Bay trading area, now in the hands of the enemy, Indians running wild after shooting all the whites and taking their wives prisoners. Pitched camp for the night awaiting supplies coming overland. Teams arrived at 6 p.m.