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Date: June 8th 1885

June 8 - On the march north for Frog Lake by 7 a.m., a grand day of sunshine, but hot by noon. Marching at ease up to about 10 a.m., when firing could be heard on our immediate front and about half a mile away. An advance guard of "A" company was sent forward in skirmishing order through scrub and bush, the trail being kept as main centre. The remainder of the regiment continued on the march at attention. Later it was discovered that the firing was an exchange of shots between our mounted scouts and Indian watchers ahead.

By noon we reached Frog Lake. Here we found the small village had been looted of everything, the store and houses in ruins. But the bodies of those massacred had been removed. Where? And by whom? Later it was known the N.W. Mounted Police had buried the dead. Before we had pitched camp a mounted courier arrived from HQ at Fort Pitt with orders for the regiment to move on north towards Beaver River and join forces with General Strange's column.