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May 7, 1916

Our Pal - the Sandbag

The sandbag is a wondrous thing
To us in France today
He's used for every kind of job
In every kind of way.

A suit of clothes he makes complete
When your uniform is wet
And if he's stuffed with dirt or sand
Makes a dandy parapet.

We use him every night, you know
To bring the rations up
And afterwards as tablecloth
On which to have our "sup".

If torn to shreds and greased a bit
With candle fat, He's fine
On which to boil a cup of tea,
A stove for any time.

He makes the dugout cosy
And soaks up all the damp
I've even seen him used as wick
Inside a handy lamp.

We use him as a dishcloth
To wipe our mess tins clean
And he makes the warmest stockings
That anyone has seen.

As blanket broom or brush
He's really very fine
Likewise as helmet trimming
To cover up the shine.

There's one I've always near me
Used as a refuse bin
I hope 'twill come in handy
To put the Kaizer in.