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Date: October 2nd 1918

Oct 2: came back from Bourlon Wood to Queant to M.D.S. Stayed here about a week, and went to Moreuil [just west of Queant], stopping one night at Arras, for a two weeks rest. Stayed at Moreuil for four days. Motor lorries most of the way to Buissy . Stayed at Buissy one night and next day marched to Sauchy-Lestree via Baralle . Two or three days there and moved back to Villers-Gagnicourt . A.D.S. in old tannery. Here four or five days and moved ADS back to Sauchy-Lestree again. Another five days or so here and went to Denain via Auberchicourt on the way. Ran MDS & hospital for civilians for a week. Went up to Maingand into line for Valenciennes stunt. 50 Battalion.

Fighting through Trith-St-Leger and Aerodrome. 3 days. Gassed.

Back to ADS one night and next afternoon returned to Denain. Denain 3 or 4 days and moved to La Sentinelle, and from there into Valenciennes. Ran kind of corps rest & local sick hospital.