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Date: February 4th 1917

Witley Feb. 4.
Dear Sister

This is Sunday afternoon and a fine day. We have been quarentined for two weeks and will be for two weeks yet if noone else takes sick and if they do it will be that much longer. There was one case of diptheria a few days ago from the next hut to ours. Nearly half the battalion is quarentined with mumps. They put all the quarentined huts to-gether yesterday and they are busy to-day fencing us in with barbed wire. I got your box to-day all in fine shape. Frank has been busy trying to think who Miss Murdock is. Neil Monroe was shot and killed last Monday. He went to the ranges at Mystchett two weeks ago and they were through firing ready to come back the next day. One of the fellows had kept a few live rounds and mixed them with some blank ammunition and that night he was fooling around with his rifle and put a live cartridge in his rifle in mistake for a blank the bullet went through Monroe's head and another fellows shoulder. Monroe was killed instantly the other fellow wasn't hurt very seriously. I don't know how long we will be here yet but don't expect to get away before April. We have four of the 154th officers in this battalion now Lieut Thwaite has charge of 16 platoon the most of his old platoon is in 16 now. I heard that Clair Mill had enlisted I am afraid Clair wouldn't like soldiering very well it would take some of the comical ideas out of him to soldier in England about a year. I had a letter from Russ a few days ago. I guess things were quiet there when he wrote. I think I will try to get a transfer out of this battalion as soon as we get out of quarentine and if I can will go to France in a draft and get in the 38th. Well I guess I will have to close for not it is just supper time

Write soon
As ever

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