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Date: April 1st 1917

Witley April 1st
Dear Tena

This is Sunday night it has been snowing a little nearly all day it has snowed nearly every day this week but it melts as fast as it falls most of the time, yesterday morning there was about an inch of snow on the ground but it was all gone shortly after sunrise. Some of the farmers are sowing grain it don't seem like spring yet we had nearly as warm weather in February.

I expected a week ago to be in France before this but things are going much the same as ever again. Last Saturday night about eight o'clock we got orders to be ready to move any time. The transports were all loaded and everything was ready to move. We went out Sunday expected to move off but it seems to have blown over again the transports were left loaded till Wednesday and the horses were left saddled till Sunday night but I don't think we will be here long yet. There is all sorts as rumours in camp about where we are going but I think our next move will be France.

We go about nine miles out every morning to drill there is about 2000 acres of hills they have out there and they take us out there for training in open warfare. We only stay out there about three hours each day our dinners are brought out in the field kitchen. Friday morning there was a old woman and two men followed us all the way from camp with a cart of oranges and chocolate etc. and when we got there they weren't allowed to sell any of it to us. There was a fellow poisoned a little while ago here and they blamed them for it. They did an awful piece of pleading but it was no good. I am sending you a picture hope it won't scare you. I suppose you have heard about Jared[?] Barclay before this. Well I guess I haven't any more to say just now

As ever

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