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Mrs. Shaver
Arthur G. Starkings

Dear Mrs Shaver-
It is with sorrow that I write to say how deeply I sympathize with you in the sad loss of your son Clifford. I find it difficult to do this however first because I feel that words are so cheap at such a time and again because although we shall miss him, we know that you will miss him more. Believe me when I say that he was loved and respected by all. His comrades valued his friendship and mourn his loss while for myself I can only add that he was one of my best and bravest men. It was during a heavy barrage when we were expecting a counter attack that he met his death, nobly standing by his Lewis gun, cooly awaiting the expected attack. His conduct was an example to us all and it may comfort you to know that his death was a painless one. We buried him near the spot where he gallantly fell, which we could give you sometimes in the near future should you desire it. His personal effects, a testament, two fountain pens, a pair of scissors and a ring I have enclosed. His pay roll has been handed in to the orderly room. For us it remains to carry on, following his example and while we continue this struggle we trust that strength may come to you to help you in your bitter loss. May God be with you in your sad bereavement. On behalf of the platoon,

Yours very sincerely,
Arthur G. Starkings, Lieut