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Date: December 2nd 1941

Morton In Marsh

Dear Mother:

I received your letter to-day. I was glad to hear from you. As yet you say that none of mail has reached you, but it will any day now. Things move so fast around this country that you would run over about a dozen people every hour.

The biggest problem for them over here is not to let their work interfere with their tea. We fight the war over here inbetween teas. We do no do bad in the way of meals. Their dishes are cooked a little different then in Canada but I doubt if it will hurt us or not.

We have a breakfast & dinner, then tea, & dinner at eight o'clock at night. We are a lot better off than the civilians. The laundry is a problem & I have to press my own pants which is a hard job for me. The first day that I was on this station I asked the Instructor where to send a suit to get clean & he looked at me and said well I guess it will be alright it will likely be done by the time you have finished your course.

I am not doing very much just now. I do not get up until dinner time. Don Matteson & myself have a room together & we are fighting the war like Gentlemen.

Bob was unfortunate enough to be dumped in here for a while. He has his course completed and is ready to go East, But my course will take a long time yet at this pace. Well when you are marching you are not fighting.

Bob & I had a conference & what we decided on would no be good to write. I will be going east if all is well in the spring But I will be here until then.

We have some very good times when we go on leave but there is not much fun around the camp. If I had a car & could buy petrol for it I would like living here. But as it is I do not like stumbling home in the Black out.

You could send me some cigarettes through the company as they are much better & cheaper. They cost 36 for twenty over here & that runs away with the cash as I am nearly always broke anyways.

You never even go down to the village without spending a couple of pounds. Life Savers & Candy Bars are my biggest craving. You want to buy something over here you have quite a time as you have to have coupons & we don't get any.

I hope that you get some help right away for I know you are working too hard & I want you to stop it right away there is no use of your doing that. You are only fooling yourself trying to do so much & I will be disappointed if you don't quit it. I would not be much good now as I am about useless as the nest of them now.

Good Bye for now Laurance