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Date: December 12th 1916

75 Bismarck St. Leicester December 12, 1916 Dear Father, I am leaving to-night from London, en route for France, quite well in body and restful in mind. The enclosed "snaps" speak for themselves, and will be full of old associations for you. I forgot to explain in sending the last lot that the picture of 75 Bismarck St. is rather deceptive. Louie wanted me to make it quite plain that the house is really a small one; but is, as she says, "all front". Only the first windows on the side belong to it. On the right of the entrance as you go in is the drawing room, on the left the dining-room and kitchen. Upstairs - on the right Alf and Louie's room, on the left my room, the bath, and a third little bed-room that is used for a store-room. The houses are really designed for families of two or three. So, though it looks like a mansion in the picture it is really a very modest six-roomed house. It has been a real home to me, and will continue to be whenever I need one. Alf and Louie could not have done more for me had I been their own. Love to each and all, Bun.