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Date: November 30th 1917
Mother and Father
Carl Cassan


Pte. C. Cassan, son of Mr. and Mr. Albert Cassan, Campbellford, in a letter tells of the good spirits of the boys at the front. He says:

People at home think that everything over here is hard work and everything is on the dark side, but believe me, there is the sunny side to this sort of thing the same as everything else, and we have far better times and more of them than any of you people at home think we have. People at home imagine we are always at the front line. Well, that is where they get the wrong idea; we have rests as regular as we go in the front line and when we come out on these rests is the time we enjoy ourselves. I am not worrying. If it was not for the risk we are taking, there would be nothing to it, whatever. So don't get it in your head that we don't enjoy ourselves as well as the rest of the people. I never felt better or looked better in my life than I do now and don't think I am home sick the same as some make out they are; of course there is no place like home, but I am not worrying about anything and I don't want you to, for there is no reason in it, or no use of it.

We are commencing to have the signs of fall here now. Rain is the principal feature the last few days and it is raining at the present time, but 'I should worry.' I am in a good warm hut with a fire in it, so everything is fine and dandy.

There has been no Canadian mail in now for about three weeks so it is likely that I will get a couple or three letters when they come, also that box of cakes that you were sending the week after you sent the socks. I received the socks and handkerchiefs all O.K. It is rather tough luck when a fellow don't hear from home, but it can't be helped but a person looks forward to a letter from home and when it don't come he is rather disappointed.

It sure is funny to hear the lads when the Canadian mail don't come in. They chew the rag and pass a few strong opinions on the matter and so forth. It sure makes a fellow laugh to hear them.