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Date: October 20th 1916
Cecil Climo

In a later letter Gunner Climo says:

September 3O, 1916.

Dear Mother:
Your very welcome letter came last night and took just 18 days to reach me. I got seven others including one from Vic. (Brother Victor). I landed in here on the 24th of August and reached the Battery on the 29th. I was not supposed to tell them when or where I arrived. I got a pair of thick English socks last night so they will keep the cold out some. I am sorry to hear that Grandfather is gone (Maternal grandfather, John Haw.) I would liked to have seen him again but I suppose it is all for the best.

I hear they have started another draft. Well, I do not think that they will see any fighting. So Mr. Hopper read our letters to the school, did he. It makes me feel embarrassed. You do not need to worry about me being taken prisoner, because we are about three miles from the front line, for anyway the Germans will never break through again.
I was in the trenches all night the other night with Lieut. Lean observing and you certainly see things there. I am in a job that I see a lot of different kinds of fighting, more than as if I was just a gunner. I was up to our new position last night for a while and it is close to the line. The odor from the dead bodies is something fierce. I do not have to go up again for a while yet. You asked what I do. Well, I get up at seven, and go and see if Lieut. Lean wants anything, and then get my breakfast. After that I work around his dugout, go back from the lines to get things. In the afternoon I am not so very busy and either write letters or read. It gets dark about seven, so I get my supper and go to my dugout for the night. I have a little stove and a candle, in fact have a regular home. When Mr. Lean is on duty at Observing post I go out with him. I am going to do my best to get Vic transferred to our Battery. I am going back this afternoon again. As I have six more letters to answer I must close for this time.
No. 314737, 97th Canadian Battery; B.E.F.; France

P. S.: Fred Milner has been given a military medal and two others in the Battery. I think Lieut. Bum has a military cross! We are going to have one too, before we come back, ha.