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Date: October 29th 1915
Ed. Cochrane
Walter Sutton

Pte. Ed. Cochrane of Grafton Back at the Front.

Thursday September 30th, 1915.

Dear Friend:
Received your letters all right, two in the trenches and the other yesterday. I am all right as yet. We spent last week in the firing line and got our baptism of fire. We came out to the base rest camp for a six day period, then we go back to have another shot at Fritz. Fritz is the name the Canadians have given the Germans. I received the papers and enjoyed them very much, as only a few papers come here.
You don't know how pretty the trenches are at night. It is just like fireworks. We have what is called a star shell that is fired from a revolver and lights up the line of trenches. These shells if fired by us will light up the German lines, and when they start shooting theirs we duck our heads to keep out of sight. We are all in the best of spirits. Ed Cochrane is with us and has entirely recovered from his illness.
Sincerely yours,
Pte. Walter G. Sutton, 59941, 2nd Con. 21st Battalion, 4th Infantry Brigade, Army Post Office, London, England. - Enterprise.