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Date: July 7th 1916
Fred Comrie


The World has been handed for publication the following letter received from Pte. Fred Comrie.

France, June 10, 1916

My Dear Wife:
Just a few lines to let you know I am well, and I hope you and the children are the same and enjoying good health. Well, I have been six days in the front line, and it was six days I will not forget, for we had it pretty warm. On the left of us, the Germans got through a week ago, and it had to be got back again. So when the time came we were ordered to repeat fire and when we did both the artillery and Germans started and it was a perfect hell. You would wonder how a human person could live in such a place but we all stuck to our posts. And I must add that the old boys of the 21st Battalion showed us new arrivals a good example. For being cool and brave is half the battle to new men in the trenches and that was the main thing. The next night or so the Huns came back and tried to regain them. They made two attacks and were driven back. It was a terrible battle but our loses were not heavy. Some of the draft that came with me were among them, but they did their duty and fought like heroes. George Dawe is here and is doing fine. Well, I cannot say any more or this letter will be censored. It is a lot of bother for the officers to read long letters. So I will say good bye for now.
**** Company, 21st Battalion, 2nd Canadian Division, France